Asperger Works Marches

in 2015 Semana Hispana Parade!

The Rajczyks at the Semana Hispana Parade

We continued our ongoing efforts to publicize our organization in Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley. Though our numbers were small, we were noticed and often cheered as we marched. It was a great day for all!

The day was beautiful, sunny, but very hot on June 14. Still the heat did not stop marchers from enjoying the camaraderie while preparing for the march. There was music, dancing, swirl of colors, and beautiful costumes. At one point, we were joined by State Senator Barbara L’Italien, her aide Maria DeLaCruz, and State Representative Diana Dizoglio. Near the finish line, we were greeted by Able Vargas (Business and Economic Development Director, City of Lawrence) and Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are pictures of our impressions of the 2015 Semana Hispana Parade.

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