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How a controversial condition called PANDAS is gaining ground on autism(spectrum)-Some scientists say an immune condition called PANDAS affects as many as 1 in 200 children who have traits similar to those of autism. But many experts contest that figure — and even the condition’s very existence.

Autism’s genetic drivers may differ by sex(spectrum)-Autism may stem from a different — and larger — set of genetic mutations in women than it does in men.

Setting Intentions for 2020 as a Caregiver for a Child With Autism(my)-Here are some suggestions for setting intentions that can help improve your physical and emotional well-being.

A Quarter Of Kids With Autism Go Undiagnosed, Study Suggests(disabilityscoop)-A -substantial number of children who meet the criteria for autism are failing to receive a formal diagnosis, according to a new study based on data from the CDC.

Feds Incentivize Disability Hiring(disabilityscoop)-A federal office dedicated to promoting community living is putting up big money to help businesses find and implement innovative ways to increase employment for people with disabilities.

Proposed Social Security Changes Could Cut Off Beneficiaries With Disabilities(disabilityscoop)-A proposed change to federal disability assistance would result in millions more case reviews, likely cutting off many recipients with disabilities if the changes are enacted.

Woman With Cerebral Palsy Pens Script For Disney(disabilityscoop)-She has cerebral palsy and talks via a communication board on her wheelchair, but that’s not stopping Erin Feeney who just saw her first script for Disney’s “Doc McStuffins” come to fruition.

Large Study Identifies Trove Of Genes Linked To Autism(disabilityscoop)-In what’s being called the largest study of its kind, researchers say they’ve identified more than 100 genes associated with autism.

Judge Slashes Verdict In Risperdal Case(disabilityscoop)-A judge chopped an $8 billion award to a man who claimed the maker of Risperdal failed to warn that boys using the drug — commonly prescribed to those with autism — could grow breasts.

Studies find thin evidence for early autism therapies(spectrum)-Few of the most popular early treatments for autism are supported by strong evidence, according to two new studies.

‘Autistic while black’: How autism amplifies stereotypes(spectrum)-“As a black woman living in the United States, I am always mindful of what others think about me, and the assumptions they may make. As a black woman with autism, I am especially aware that colleagues often see me as an ‘angry black woman,’ even though my thoughts and behaviors are the opposite of this stereotype.”

Actress With Autism To Debut In New TV Comedy(disabilityscoop)-Autism is set to be front and center on a new television series starring a woman who’s on the spectrum.The half-hour comedy is about a 20-something who steps in to take care of his two teenage half sisters when their father dies of cancer.

American Girl Introduces Doll With Disability(disabilityscoop)-With a new doll, the iconic American Girl lineup is for the first time telling the story of a girl with a developmental disability.The brand’s 2020 Girl of the Year has congenital hearing loss. Named Joss Kendrick, the character is deaf in her left ear but can hear a little in her right ear using a hearing aid.

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