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Group Home Residents Often Live In Costly Isolation(disabilityscoop)-People with disabilities living in group homes are supposed to be integrated into the community and enjoy the same freedoms that others have in their own homes, but that’s not always the case.

Notable papers in autism research in 2019(spectrum)-Autism researchers were asked to help to pick the most ‘notable’ papers of the previous 12 months, which can greatly enhance our knowledge of autism or how to treat it, or simply raised provocative questions.

Report: Characters With Disabilities ‘Marginalized’ In Kids’ TV, Movies(disabilityscoop)-Characters with disabilities are largely missing from children’s television and film and when they are shown, they’re routinely portrayed as helpless, a new report finds.

Nation’s Largest Health Insurer Fined Over Autism Claims(disabilityscoop)-PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania officials this week announced a $1 million fine against insurance giant UnitedHealthcare for denial of, or sometimes failure to pay, customers’ claims relating to mental health care.

Senators Join Effort To Increase SSI Asset Limits(disabilityscoop)-A push to allow people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income to keep more assets and remove a penalty affecting those who marry is gaining steam.

Lyft Offering Rides To Job Seekers With Disabilitiest. (disabilityscoop)-In an effort to help people with disabilities access job training and get hired, Lyft’s Jobs Access Program will provide complementary or lower-cost rides to individuals with disabilities and other targeted groups in more than 35 markets across the U.S. and Canada.

People With Disabilities Increasingly Holding Elected Office(disabilityscoop)-Twelve percent of elected officials in local government have a disability, compared with 6.9 percent at the state level and 6.3 percent in Congress.

Say “No” by Saying “Yes” to Something Else  (my)-An alternative way to say “no” is to create a third option, another choice.

Potty Training and Autism(my)-Potty training can be a long and difficult process for children on the autism spectrum. Parents of kids with autism may find that potty training takes longer because of the difficulty communicating with their children what to do and what to expect.

Autism Insurance Mandates Increasingly Extend To Adults(disabilityscoop)-Several state legislatures including New Mexico, New York, Utah and Virginia removed age restrictions on insurance coverage. About a dozen states now require coverage regardless of age.

Nightclub For Adults With Disabilities Fosters Love, Friendship And Inclusion(disabilityscoop)-Women wear wedges and bodysuits that hug their curves. Men sport collared shirts and their favorite sneakers. Some have caregivers guiding them; others need wheelchairs.

Police Turn To Virtual Reality To Train Officers On Those With Special Needs(disabilityscoop)-CHICAGO — Virtual reality technology will be used to help in training Chicago police officers on how to deal with people experiencing mental health episodes.

How ‘social touch’ shapes autism traits(spectrumnews)-Autistic people have unusual responses to ‘affective touch,’ which conveys social and emotional information. Their responses may reveal how autism begins.

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