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Gut microbes from autistic children may alter behavior in mice(spectrum)-Mice colonized with gut microbes from some autistic boys show behaviors like those of the boys, researchers reported today in Cell1. The findings provide the first evidence that intestinal microbes might contribute to autism traits.

Large survey of children hints at true autism prevalence in Vietnam(spectrum)-About 0.75 percent of young children in northern Vietnam have autism, according to a large study of children in the region1.

Self-injury persists for years in boys with fragile X syndrome(spectrum)-About half of boys and men with fragile X syndrome injure themselves by biting their hands or by other means — and many continue to do so for several years, a new study suggests

Timing of autism treatments may be key to their success(spectrum)-The timing of treatment is crucial for conditions related to autism — and more so for some conditions than for others, two new studies in mice suggest.

Monkeys with autism mutation show condition’s key traits(spectrum)-Researchers have engineered two generations of monkeys with mutations in SHANK3, a top autism gene. The first generation shows traits reminiscent of the condition, according to a study published today in Nature

Can we ‘see’ autism in the brain?(spectrum)-An autism diagnosis is based on behavior. But identifying a brain signature for the condition could help support diagnosis and even provide an early biomarker of the condition.

Study hints at dietary chemical as therapy for type of autism(spectrum)-A compound derived from cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, might limit the impact of certain mutations in a top autism gene, a new study suggests.

Majority of autism risk resides in genes, multinational study suggests(spectrum)-About 81 percent of autism risk comes from inherited genetic factors, according to an analysis of more than 2 million children from five countries, published today in JAMA Psychiatry.

When autistic people commit sexual crimes(spectrum)-Many first-time sex offenders on the spectrum may not understand the laws they break. How should their crimes be treated?

Community delivery of autism therapies lags far behind evidence(spectrum)-Decades of research have shown that intensive early intervention can improve autistic children’s cognitive, communicative and social abilities.

How To Make A Relationship Last(Medium)-“Communication” is not the key to a lasting relationship.

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