Dinner of Hope – 2017-18

This year’s fundraising dinner was held five months late, thus the title “Dinner of Hope, 2017-18.” Prior to this year, we felt that our dinner should coincide with Disability Month, held in October. But after careful consideration, the Event Committee decided that it would be more appropriate for us to celebrate Asperger Works during Autism Month, which is celebrated annually in April.

Once more our friends and supporters gathered at the Galleria Banquet Room at Maria’s for the festivities.

Our speakers:

Andy Vargas

Andres X. Vargas (Keynote)

Tim Coco

Tim Coco (MC)

Daniel Rajczyk

Daniel Rajczyk (Welcome)

Andrew DeCarlo

Andrew DeCarlo (Presenter)

Tom Wood

Thomas Wood (Presenter)

Eva Rajczyk

M. Eva Rajczyk (Presenter)

Facebook Live Videos – compliments of Hartell Johnson and Jenn Tullgren


Andy Vargas - Video

Andy Vargas – Keynote Speech

Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

Dancing the Night Away

Dancing the Night Away

The pictures below were taken by Hartell Johnson, Eileen Bernal (Mayor Dan Rivera’s Chief of Staff), and Adam & Eva Rajczyk.

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