ACP Grand Opening

February 8, 2023

Autism Care Partners banner
Members of Asperger Works’ leadership attended the grand opening of a new facility in Lawrence but not in the area, the Autism Care Partners Lawrence that had previously made its home in Methuen. Families, educators, medical community members, colleagues from other health care facilities, and members of the general community were invited to visit ACP’s brand new spacious (8,000-square-feet) facility located at 439 South Union Street, building 1, Suite 116. All who attended and were interested were given a tour of the place that is made up of mostly small rooms dedicated to the needs of children of different age groups. The presence of this well-established company that was founded in 1992 and now provides services in seven states is a welcome addition to Lawrence and may signal the acceptance of autistic individuals living in the area.

There was a secondary, but very important, reason why representatives of AWorks attended the festivities. We were awarded a $1,000 grant by WeCare365 AFC that was presented to us by Gilmara Depina, the company’s Marketing Outreach Specialist. We were selected for this honor due to the recommendations of Lawrence Mayor Brian DePeña and Lawrence ADA Coordinator Richard Rodriguez for which we are truly grateful. Incidentally, Richard is also  an Advisor at AWorks.

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