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Asperger Works’ Mission to Help Solve Employment Problems for Adults with AS

We are a charitable organization that focuses on solving the employment problems of adults with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) through employment readiness training, mentoring, and ongoing coaching. Simply put, our mission is to help put adults on the Spectrum to work.

For those with AS: We develop programs that aid very under-served, talented individuals within the autistic community find fulfilling work, stay employed, and advance in their careers.

For employers: We provide assistance in understanding how the strengths of persons on the Spectrum can be leveraged and how employers can provide a work environment that sets up the autistic worker for success.

For those with AS and their employers: We provide ongoing support services and advice so that both can learn to work together and benefit each other.

Asperger Works was the brainchild of our Founder and Executive Director, Daniel Rajczyk; but it would not have come to fruition without the hard work and major contributions of our first Webmaster, Mr. Douglas Perry. We are deeply indebted to him for all the hours he contributed to Asperger Works. He worked tirelessly without remuneration because he believed that an organization such as ours was long overdue.

For more, please check out, “Why Asperger Works?”

About the Founder

The founder of Asperger Works, Inc., Daniel Rajczyk, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was an adult. (Until that time, neither he nor the rest of us have ever heard of it.) Thus, he has first-hand knowledge of the need for employment support services for adults on the Spectrum. He has brought together a core team of individuals who are working diligently to realize his innovative vision.

Tax-Exempt Status
Asperger Works, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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