Volunteer Coordinator

Asperger Works, Inc. is very fortunate in having really caring and talented people as members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board. We are equally fortunate to have a dedicated individual leading our volunteer and internship programs.

Lisa S. Rajczyk

Lisa S. Rajczyk

Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa Rajczyk, Mr. Rajczyk’s sister, is also a founding member of Asperger Works, Inc. and is our Volunteer Coordinator. She has been painfully aware of her brother’s employment-related difficulties and is completely committed to the success of this organization.

Ms. Rajczyk graduated from The Evergreen State College (Olympia and Tacoma, Washington) with a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Education and Law. She has also earned a number of certifications, including the National Paralegal Certification from WOLI. She is planning to continue her education and work towards her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior. Such a degree would enable her to work with autistic children.

Lisa is very socially conscious, a fact that is demonstrated by the many volunteer projects and activities she has been involved in over the years. Additionally, she is a political activist and has earned much respect from local and state politicians.

When Mr. Rajczyk announced his desire to form an organization to help others on the Autism Spectrum, Ms. Rajczyk was on the forefront of those who wanted to help. She has been tireless in promoting Asperger Works both in person and on Facebook.

To find out about our volunteer program, please check out AWorks Volunteers.

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