AWorks Awarded CDBG Funding!

City of Lawrence, MA

The City of Lawrence, MA awarded Asperger Works CDBG Funding in the amount of $5000. This will allow us to begin providing services by hiring one part-time mentor/job coach! All Board members and Advisory Board member Richard Rodriguez worked on the application. We received invaluable advise and assistance from Yvonne LaGarde, a volunteer at Jericho Road. We would also like to thank Board member Eva Rajczyk for her impassioned speech on behalf of our organization.


Welcome to Asperger Works!

I would like to welcome you to our on-line home! Since the inception of the idea that has become Asperger Works, Inc., our Board of Directors, members of our Advisory Board, and I have been hard at work to make our vision a reality. We have been attending different events, both political and community-oriented to drum-up support for our organization. These ventures out into the public have been quite successful as we have spoken with numerous people who have shown much interest in and support for the project.

Our organization is innovative, forward-thinking, optimistic, compassionate, principled, friendly, and above all, human. To learn more about our choices for slogan, graphics, and colors used in our logo, avatar, and site, please see Asperger Works Logo and Colors.

Please note: We are not yet able to provide services since we still don’t have the funding necessary to hire personnel. However, join our list of potential clients and/or supporters by contacting me through our contact form. We would be happy to hear from you!

Again, welcome to Asperger Works. It is our hope that you will find our site useful and informative.

Daniel Rajczyk

Daniel Rajczyk
Executive Director
Asperger Works, Inc.