Asperger Works Logo & Colors
The logo, avatar, and colors of Asperger Works have specific meanings that relate to our organization and to our belief that all Aspies are valuable members of society and deserve a break, especially when it comes to employment and job opportunities.

The color palette: The color palate is unique and unconventional and conveys the message that Asperger Works is an agent for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) employment innovation that brings the non-profit world (red) and the corporate world (blue) to the table to work together.

The gears: The overall visual metaphor is made up of two entities – the autism community and industry – working together. Inspiration came from the work of Paul Rand, a well-regarded designer, who created logos for IBM, UPS, and NeXT Computer. Mr. Rand integrated visual puns, sly playfulness, and wit into some of his logo work. The Asperger Works design language incorporates subtle humor and playful usage of the gear elements of the word “works” in the logo. [Note – Design elements and copyrighting can, and often does, incorporate themes and cultural values from the autism community.] The teeth of the gears were designed to mesh together, just like gears in real life, at the proper ratio so that the logo looks realistic.

The slogan: The slogan, Putting Autism to Work, was written to allow for slight variations in meaning from the perspective of the reader. We have avoided the use of the pronoun “we” in the Asperger Works slogan. It is our feeling that the use of the pronoun “we” in the slogan may be interpreted by people external to Asperger Works as self-centered and egotistical, which is one of many negative stereotypes of autistics. On the contrary, we would like to invite everyone to Put Autism to Work. This is what makes our slogan inclusive of all. At Asperger Works, it is what we do and the goal we are working to achieve.

For persons on the Autism Spectrum, our slogan’s meaning is that Asperger Works creates opportunities for work for members of the autistic community while raising awareness of the positive qualities of autism and workers with autism.

For industry and employers, the intended meaning of the slogan is that Asperger Works helps put persons on the spectrum to work through the programs we provide and helps employers realize the potential that workers on the Spectrum have.

If the spirit moves you, we invite you to


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