Optimal Jobs and Work Environments

Copyright © Barbara Bissonnette 2013

Asperger’s Syndrome exists on a spectrum and individuals can vary widely in their abilities and challenges. There is no “short list” of suitable jobs or careers. These individuals are represented in all types of occupations, as evidenced by this sampling of Forward Motion Coaching clients: technical writer, creative writer, editor, production manager, graphic artist, fine artist, teacher (toddlers to graduate students), physicist, project manager, sales manager, consultant, computer programmer/ other IT, engineer, analyst, actuary, accountant, lawyer, paralegal, administrative assistant, retail sales associate, warehouse worker, electrician, physician, nurse, librarian, library clerk, and meteorologist!

However, generalities can be made about the type of jobs and work environments that are most conducive to their success:

  • allow concentration on one task at a time
  • favor accuracy and quality over speed
  • offer structure and clear performance expectations
  • have at least some elements of routine
  • emphasize technical tasks and facts and information
  • do not involve the management of others or sophisticated levels of interpersonal communication.
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