Asperger Works Recognized

Proclamation Being Read by City Councilor Nilka Alvarez-Rodriguez

Copyright 8/15/2015 • RUMBO • EDITION 499 • LAWRENCE, MA

On August 11, 2015, Lawrence City Councilor-at-Large Nilka Alvarez-Rodriguez presented Asperger Works with a City Council Proclamation to celebrate our first year anniversary as a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Our Board secretary was asked to write a few words about the proclamation:

“The primary purpose of the proclamation,” she wrote, “was to acquaint the citizens of Lawrence with the existence of Asperger Works, Inc. Thanks to this proclamation, adults with Asperger’s Syndrome now know that there is an organization that will be able to give them help in finding employment that matches their intellect and abilities. For far too long, adults with Asperger’s have been ignored in our communities. The lucky ones may have received services while they were in school, but after graduation (or after turning 22), most faced the working world completely unprepared and ended up either underemployed or unemployed. This proclamation also alerted employers that there is an organization that is willing to work with them should they hire an Autistic adult. Ultimately, the goal of Asperger Works is to move Aspies from the unemployment line to a life of productivity and purpose that will benefit everyone.”

The proclamation recognized all members of Asperger Works, past and present. Unfortunately, two of our Board members, Rachael Chambers and Andrew DeCarlo, were not able to attend the ceremony. The same was true for most members of our Advisory Board – Katalin Baltimore, E. Phil Brown, and James Patrick O’Donoghue. Celebrated, although no longer affiliated with Asperger Works, were Ed Barrett, Douglas Perry, “Tony” Acevedo, and Demet Haksever. Those in attendance were (in alphabetical order) Adam Rajczyk, Daniel Rajczyk, Lisa Rajczyk, M. Eva Rajczyk, Richard Rodriguez, and Thomas Wood.

For the text of the proclamation, please click here.

We would like to thank Rich Russell of Lawrence for taking the pictures below. If not for him, we would have but one picture to commemorate the event.

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