Donors and Sponsors, 2016


There are many ways to help a non-profit organization raise funds: through volunteering for fundraising activities, through donations, through online soliciting, through sponsorship, and through grants. We are very fortunate to have been able to raise funds using most of these methods.

But funds are always necessary and never enough. Donors and sponsors are the key to continued success.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have contributed to our organization.


Pentucket Bank (since 2015)

COCO+CO & WHAV (since 2015)

The Galleria Banquet Room (since 2016)

Fred Simmons (2021)

Northeast Independent Living Program (since 2015)

Stephanie Beach Magic (since 2015)

Enterprise Bank (since 2019)

Katalin Baltimore (2021)


Acupuncture Arts East (since 2019)

Barnes & Noble (Salem, NH)

Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

A-1 Deli (Haverhill)

Lawrence Access Community TV (2015)

Mad Maggie’s (No. Andover)

Leisure Line (Haverhill)

Carleen’s Coffee Shop (Lawrence)

Carleen’s Coffee Shop (Lawrence)

Eastern Shed Company (No. Andover)

Humble Healings (Haverhill)

Like Kind Exchange (Waltham)

Lydia Brown

Peabody Essex Museum (Salem)

KBK Sports (Nashua, NH)

El Taller & Cafe Azteca (since 2016)

Elks Lodge #65 (Lawrence)

Diego’s Catering (Lawrence)

Olive Garden (Methuen)

Stop & Shop (formerly of Methuen)

Active Communications (Stow)

Starbucks (Methuen)

Christie Dee (Lynn)

Lawrence Democratic City Committee (2018)

George Koutsos – Cross Country Mortgage (Danvers)

The Andrew Marquis Team (Lexington)

KW Keller Williams – Linda Thomson (Northboro)

KW Keller Williams – Guarenteed Rate (Lexington)

Flag Hill Distillary and Winery (Lee, NH)

Butcher Boy (No. Andover)


Katalin M. Baltimore (Orange, CT)

Kay Herlihy (Haverhill)

Marion Donahue (Haverhill)

Jane Thiefels (Haverhill)

Demet Haksever & Bill Lang (Haverhill)

Debra A. Higgins (Haverhill)

Mary & Jim Wong (Tyngsboro)

Paul & Fran Kuchar (Lawrence)

Ken Quimby, Jr. (Haverhill)

John Ken Ford

Ingrid Tanda (Haverhill)

James Patrick O’Donaghue (Lawrence)

Martha Velez (Lawrence)

Richard Rodriguez (Lawrence)

Adam & Eva Rajczyk (Haverhill)

State Representative Linda Day Campbell (Methuen)

Kalister Green-Byrd (Haverhill)

Denise Johnson (Haverhill)

Beverly Galvin (Haverhill)

Karen Merrill (Lowell)

Roz McKinnon (Haverhill)

Bill Cox and Joel Gagnon (Haverhill)

Kate Collins-Wooley

Kevin McKinnon (since 2015)

Daniel Hnatio (Stow)

Margaret Toomey (Haverhill)

Daniel M. Kimmel (Somerville)

Mekhi Mendoza (Lawrence)


Former Mayor Daniel Rivera (Lawrence)

Former State Representative and State Senator Barbara L’Italien (Andover)

State Representative Andy Vargas (Haverhill)

State Senator & Former State Representative Diana DiZoglio (Methuen)

Former Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (Lowell)

School Committee Member Paul Magliocchetti (Haverhill)

Mayor James Fiorentini (Haverhill)

Former State Representative Brian Dempsey (Haverhill)

State Representative Marcos Devers (Lawrence)

State Representative Linda Dean Campbell (Haverhill)

Congresswoman Lori Trahan (Wesford)

City Council Candidate Josiah Morrow (Haverhill)

Do you belong to an organization that would like to sponsor Asperger Works through a one-time or ongoing donation?

Would you like to donate?

Please check out Make a Difference! to see how you can help.

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